Preview of my 2017 Texas Library Association Presentation in the Innovation Lab

I suppose if you follow my blog, you may have noticed my year long hiatus from writing. And although I love to share what I do in our library on Twitter, I have been, up until now, reticent to continue blogging. As a librarian, I am the only one on my campus, and it is hard to be an island. When I started this journey one year ago, I had thought that I would blog about just makerspace stuff, but I felt that it was already being done, and done well, by others. And then I discovered this idea while researching makerspaces online (and if anyone knows who I can attribute it to, I would love the help):

But this was the start of the revolution of how I thought about my library. Our library had become a place where students felt comfortable coming in and asking for help creating digital artifacts for their projects. And we had created a Creative Media Studio out of an office in the library where students could record on our green screens and use our fancy microphones. Here’s a tour of the space, if you are curious: Creative Media Studio


The library had evolved, but my idea of what a makerspace was had not. I’m hoping to share my experiences at TLA this year in order to fill a void that is out there in the discussion about school makerspaces:

What do you do when you hit roadblocks?

I’m a huge fan of the TED talk by Rita Pierson “Every kid needs a champion” and I believe that every one of our makers need a maker hero. I hope that you can join me Saturday morning in the Innovation Lab to hear about my experiences and learn how to grow as a maker librarian. I’ll have tips and tricks, funny stories, and even reviews of maker tools that will help you become a maker hero.

Get a sneak peek of my presentation here with my Presentation Handout-


Look for all of the exciting learning experiences available this year at the 2017 Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio –



And, as always, you can follow me on twitter to see what I’ll discover at #txla17