Texas Library Association Recap 2016

happy birthday to you.pngY’all I’ve had a blast at the Texas Library Association Conference this year, and I didn’t even need a canoe. Needless to say that the weather in Houston was scary coming down here, because I’ve never been on my phone that much in a car. (And no, I wasn’t driving) But, we made it and even my meme went a little viral:

Luckily, the roads to our hotel were all clear, and I’m so happy that everyone I know made it down here safely. I got to see one of my favorite authors, Brandon Mull, sit on a panel of fantasy writers, and act like a total super-nerd. Really, it was hilarious and awesome. Many of the highlights of TLA that I had looked forward to had long lines attached to them (author signings, and giveaways), so I steered clear of much of that. But, what was awesome was all of the librarians that I met through working and presenting at the TIA Innovation Lab.

The TIA Innovation Lab was a tech camp within the larger conference, and to me, it was one of the best parts of the conference. While working the LISD Mobile Transformation Lab (Our Mobile Makespace program for the district) I got to meet this guy from the people at Techno Chaos while driving Ollie around the exhibit hall.



And I finally got to meet the director of the SLIS program at Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Ling Jeng, who will be the President-Elect of TLA next year, yeah! I’m hoping to partner with them and get our Circuit Girls some mentors to grow with. And I want to thank Thomas Finley from Frisco Public Library for the Uber ride to the convention center when the busses weren’t running. And for giving us time to present the awesome things that are kids love. And to my roomie, Leah Mann, for having the same schedule as me. 🙂



And I presented about “Getting Beyond the Banana with Makey Makey©” on Thursday and Design Challenges on Friday with my colleague Robin Russell. I loved the excitement that I saw in many librarians, and I hope that they enjoyed seeing me laugh at myself the whole time. Thanks to Robin Stout, our director,  for taking a picture of me laughing and posting it on Twitter. Also, thank you to everyone who came to our presentations, and I truly hope you walked away with at least one thing you can do in your library.

I’m really looking forward to next year’s conference in San Antonio, and I can’t wait to share more awesome stuff.